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Posted by Jim

May 30, 2021

The First Reviews for Premo Guard Laundry Additive are in...

Last month we launched our most successful product yet.  We are thrilled to announce that the first reviews for Premo Guard Laundry Additive are in... and they are all 5 stars!  

Wow!  As co-owner of Premo Guard, this product has beat all of our expectations and our forecasts.  It took only 4 days to sell out our initial supply.  

The good news is, we learned from the product launch and have tons of inventory for our customers now.  

What is amazing to us?  When new customers come to our website for our Premo Guard Bed Bug & Mite Spray, over 70% also buy Premo Laundry Additive.  

We thank each and every one of you who made the purchase for trusting us to end your Bed Bug, Mite, Flea or Lice infestation!  You're the reason we do what we do!  


Jake, Jim and the Premo Team

“This product really worked!"


"Bought this along with premo guard spray. It is working for me. 

I have never seen a laundry product to kill bugs before. 

So glad I tried this.”

Sara - Verified Premo Guard Customer

Premo Guard Laundry Additive is Simple to Use and 100% Effective!

The instructions for using Premo Laundry Additive are simple...  

1. Transfer your bedding, towels, clothes, even stuffed toys to a garbage bag, and seal it tight.  

2. Place that laundry in your washing machine.

3. Shake the bottle well, and add half a cup of Premo Laundry Additive to the wash. 

That's it!  Premo Laundry Additive will do the rest.  Any bed bug, mite, their eggs and larvae will be killed.  

It does not matter whether you wash in hot, warm, or even cold settings.  Premo Laundry Additive works with any setting!  

The only thing we do not recommend you do is wash items that are "dry clean only"!  

For a powerful one, two punch, combine Premo Laundry Additive with Premo Guard Bed Bug & Mite spray.  Spray your home (works anywhere) and kill any hidden bugs in the wash!  Simple and 100% effective!

Better Together...

  • 01

    Remove your bedding.  

    Place your bedding into a garbage bag, and tightly seal.

  • 02

    Treat your mattress

    Treat your mattress, box spring, frame and the surrounding areas with non-toxic Premo Guard Bed Bug & Mite Spray.

  • 03

    Use Premo Laundry Additive

    Transfer your bedding to the washing machine.  Add your regular detergent and half a cup of Premo Laundry Additive to kill any hidden bed bugs, mites, their eggs and larvae.  

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