Covid-19 Corona Virus Information – Premo Natural Products

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Covid-19 Corona Virus Information

An important message regarding Covid-19 Coronavirus and Premo Guard

We continue to monitor the coronavirus outbreak and while the situation is quite fluid, our focus today is the same as it’s always been — ensuring you have the highest quality bed bug and mite killer product and other natural products.

As we continue to work to serve the evolving needs of our communities, we plan to stay in touch with news and changes as they occur. Here are our most recent updates:


Some of our customers are experience delays in receiving their orders.  We spoke with our fulfillment/shipping company and they indicated that this is due to extra sanitation, cleaning and social distancing measures in their warehouse. Deliveries are running 2-3 days behind schedule at this point.  

While we are not going to suspend next day and 2 day expedited shipping at this point, we are monitoring the situation carefully and will refund shipping charges as needed. 

If you do not receive your order (or for that matter your shipping confirmation and tracking number) on time, please alert us immediately at

4/19/20 UPDATE:

We still remain open and have inventory in our warehouses ready to ship. 

We have noticed in the last two days that some next day and expedited shipping orders are not getting email and/or SMS based tracking numbers. 

Now, we are also seeing that some next day and expedited shipping orders are being shipped 24 hours late due to Coronavirus.  We apologise in advance for the inconvenience if this affects your order.  

4/17/20 UPDATE:

  • A few of our customers have alerted us to the fact that they are not receiving their shipping confirmations and tracking numbers.  They are receiving their orders as expected.  We are looking into these communication issues.  Details to come here in a new update if needed.  
  • If you are expecting an order but have not received confirmation or tracking emails or SMS messages, please email us at:  

4/8/20 UPDATE:

  • Please note that at this time we cannot ship to Hawaii.  We are checking with our fulfilment company about shipping to Alaska.  
  • Our company remains open and shipping throughout the rest of the U.S., with no shipping delays at this time.  


  • Our business remains open and is an essential service to meet your needs.
  • Our team is working from home and practicing social distancing.
  • Our warehouses are taking every possible precaution to ensure that workers remain safe.  This is a safety first situation for us.
  • At present, our supply chain products remains open.  Should that change, we will notify you here or via emails if we cannot fulfill your order.  Again despite the rapidly evolving situation, we do not see potential issues that could affect supplies.
  • Lastly we have a limited supply of our Stain and Odor Eliminator and will take orders on a first come, first served basis until supplies run out.  Due to high sales volumes, there may be a gap from the time our inventory is depleted and our warehouse is replenished.  In the meantime, you can order Stain and Odor Eliminator here