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Not Sure what's biting you

Often customers come to us not knowing what they are being bitten by. The good news is Premo Guard kills All mites, (including, scabies mites, demodex mites), lice, and fleas.

Does Premo Guard Work? Let our customers tell you...

“Works Perfectly.”
The spray arrived in a timely manner and works advertised. If needed again I will purchase again from Premo Guard. Great Transaction.

Robert F. Verified Premo Customer

"Great product & great customer service..."
Definitely recommend, quality of spray is superior to other natural brands.

Sarah D. Verified Premo Customer

"5 stars!"
This product is excellent for anyone with bed bugs, who can't afford a new bed.
After using the whole bottle, there are no further signs of infestation and/or bug bites.

Debra B. Verified Premo Customer

"Love this product!"
"No more bed bugs!

Colleen F. Verified Premo Customer

"This product actually works!!!"
It took two bottles and bugs were gone. No smell and safe for animals and people. It took a week and there were not more bugs or eggs.

Leslie P. Verified Premo Customer

I started using this product right away. I just happened to have a bed bug on me so instead of killing it with my fly swatter I sprayed this product on it to see if it really works. OMG!! That bed bug was dead within seconds.
This product really works. No smell to it. It really is kid and pet friendly. I would highly recommend it.

Elizabeth B. Verified Premo Customer

Best sellers to get rid of your bed bug, mite, lice or flea infestation...

  • Most effective against Bed Bugs, Lice, Fleas
    Bed Bug & Mite Killer - 128 oz - All Natural Non Toxic - Premo Guard
    Premo Bed Bug, Mite Killer & Lice Killer Spray - 128 ounce - Natural Non Toxic - Safe - Eco-Friendly
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    Sale price
  • Most effective against bird, dust, ALL mites, Bed Bugs, Lice, and fleas
    Mite Killer Spray 128 oz - All Natural Non Toxic - Premo Guard
    Mite Killer Spray 128 oz - All Natural Non Toxic - Premo Guard
    Regular price
    Sale price
  • Most effective against ALL bugs hiding your bedding, clothes, towels, and etc
    Bed Bug & Mite Killer Laundry Additive - 32 oz - All Natural Non Toxic - Premo Guard
    Bed Bug & Mite Killer Laundry Additive - 32 oz - All Natural Non Toxic - Premo Guard
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The Safe, Effective Way to Kill Bed Bugs & Mites

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3 Simple Steps To Getting Rid of Bed Bugs, Mites, Lice or Fleas

Premo Guard Bug & Mite Sprays come with an industry leading 90 day money back guarantee


Full 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee!  

Due to customer satisfaction we are thrilled to offer a FULL 90 DAY GUARANTEE!  If you are not 100% completely satisfied, we will refund your money. 

No questions asked!

Premo Guard Product are non toxic and safe around kids and pets

Enzyme Based Formula. No Harmful Pesticides or Chemicals...

Developed by chemists and entomologists to kill bed bugs and mites on contact while protecting the environment and your family and pets.  Premo Guard kills bed bugs by literally piercing bed bugs and their eggs protective "shell" within a few seconds. 

Premo Guard Mite Killer and other products are made in the USA.  Premo Guard American Owned

Premo Guard: Made in the USA!

Premo Guard Products are proudly made, manufactured and shipped from the USA.

We are a family run, family first company!