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How to detect a bed bug Problem

How to Detect a Bed Bug Problem & Stop It Before It’s Too Late

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So far so good. Although it does have a residual effect, just to be safe I treated every other day; especially, the area where I found the bed bugs' harborage. When I seen the small group of them (thank God i noticed the problem quickly,) with one spray the little suckers were goners. :D Not to mention there is a $ back satisfaction backing it up. Not to mention the seller stays on top of communicating with you to make sure the battle is going in you favor. I've researched treatment sprays for hours, and found this to be the least expensive option that had the exact same ingredients as those that cost top dollar. Well worth trying, just stay on top of treating and locating where they've congregated

Stephen R. Albers

Works on bed bugs in Las Vegas area. I think my bug problem was bad, I never dealt with bed bugs before so when I realized what was happening, the infestation was pretty bad. This has practically no smell, I used 1.5 bottle in my 300 sq ft. apartment and noticed very little smell and did not get a headache, although I had to blow my nose a few times. Every bug I directly sprayed died, and it I sprayed my wooden bed frame and it killed many that were in the cracks in the wood. However, I sprayed around the sides of my mattress, hoping to kill any that might climb up it to me, but it did not kill them. This works best if you can spray heavily in the areas where the bugs are. I'd recommend getting 5 bottles if you have a bad infestation like mine. I used about 2 for the first two sprays and then you'll want to keep the pressure on till they are gone.

Shawn Martin

Yes. It actually works. However, for those who may get confused after they spray everything, and still see a nasty little critter scuttling about, this is a CONTACT spray, not a residual spray. You will still need to take the other necessary steps to solve your problem. (Heat treating in the form of steaming, or boiling water in every crack and crevice of the infested site, and then laying the traps/interceptors.) But as a contact spray, it proves to be quite toxic to your unwanted guests.

Daniel Burks

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