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Poultry Mites: A Summary from Heather Levin's Backyard Chicken Summit Session

Poultry Mites: A Quick Summary from Heather Levin's Backyard Chicken Summit Session

This past week Premo Guard happily sponsored the 2nd annual Backyard Chicken Summit, A 3-day event developed by Heather Levin from The Chicken Health Academy, to spread lots of great information on how to raise a healthy flock of chickens.

The event had over 20 speakers on topics ranging from chicken nutrition, health, and predators, coop design, etc. One topic Heather Spoke about was Poultry Mites, and their potential to spread fast and raid your flock. Here is some general information and tips about Poultry Mites straight from Heather's talk Backyard Chickens Summit.

Common Signs of a poultry mite Infestation

Your flock could have poultry mites if you are seeing any of the following.

  • Feather damage.
  • Loss of energy.
  • Reduced fertility/ Low egg production.
  • Reduced growth in chicks and birds.
  • Chickens do not want to enter coop at night (because they are being eaten up by mites).
  • In rare cases poultry can become severely anemic and die.
  • If you notice any of these signs it’s a good idea to check your flock for mites.

How To Check for Mites/What Should I Look for and Where?

  • Mites are generally located in warm areas and can usually be found in nests and in the cracks near the roosts.
  • Mite’s feed at night, that’s the perfect time to check with a flashlight in the suspected areas.
  • Check your chickens for signs of mites, they are commonly found around the vent feathers.
  • Check for scabs on their legs and feet.

Why Do Infestations Happen?

  • Visiting other coops, mites could be transferred through clothing or shoes.
  • Adding new chickens to your coop without isolation before introducing to the main flock
  • Rodents or other small animals could bring them in
  • Domesticated or wild birds visiting the coop.

Thanks to Heather Levin for that great information.

What to do if your flock has bird mites? 

Premo Guard Makes a non-toxic, 100% effective Poultry Spray made from Essential oils.  Just spray on your chickens and poultry mites will die.  

You can also use this product as preventative measure by spraying down your coop, nesting boxes, etc., and also on your birds.  

With Premo Guard Poultry Spray you also do not have to worry about an egg withdrawal period.  There is none!  Click HERE to learn more about Premo Guard Poultry Spray!

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