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Five Things You Likely Don’t Already Know About Bed Bugs

1. They Can Be Found In Small Towns and Major Cities

While population and overall mass of people can increase the chances of there being a bed bug outbreak, it doesn’t change the fact that bed bugs are often found in not only major cities, but small towns and cities as well. In more concentrated areas, however, and in areas where there are more people, there may be a greater chance of encountering another individual who transmits or is a carrier of the bug or mite which can then be transferred to another individual.


2. They Are Strong and Take A Lot To Rid

Bed bugs tend to be awfully resilient and hardy creatures that can withstand various conditions that humans or animals might find uncomfortable or unbearable. They can survive temperatures below zero and up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, which is what makes it so difficult to rid an outbreak and why traditional home remedies may not be the typically be effective. This is one of the many reasons Premo Guard is a must!

3. They Are Smarter Than You Think

Traveling in packs, bed bugs and mites are smarter than you think, which has a lot to do with why they have been thriving for such a long time and continue to do so. With excellent hiding tactics, their techniques with regards to hiding inside of mattresses, bedding, clothes, box springs, baseboards, carpeting, and inside wallpaper itself, the only thing that truly lures bed bugs from their hiding spot is the carbon dioxide our bodies expels.


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4. They Usually Won’t Wake You Up From Their Bites

Bed bug bites tend to be quick and painless, which is why we often don’t feel it when the critters leave their mark. Marking their territory and feeding on humans is painless because of components in bed bug saliva which acts as an anesthetic that promotes increased blood flow at the bite site itself, making the feeding process quick and nearly painless.

5. They Can Live Just About Anywhere

Because bed bugs tend to retreat to a hiding pace for 5-10 days once they’ve fed on their prey. This is the time that they mate and lay their eggs, which is even more of a reason why they can sometimes be found in the strangest places. According to the 2011 “Bugs without Borders” study, 89 percent of pest professionals reported having treated bed bugs in single family homes. Often hard to locate and difficult to find with the human eye, many home remedies for ridding a bed bug outbreak will be deemed unsuccessful, which is where Premo Guard comes into play.




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