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How to Detect a Bed Bug Problem & Stop It Before It’s Too Late

What exactly are bed bugs?

They are very small bloodsucking insects that tend to make themselves at home within crevices of mattresses, clothing, sheets, blankets, bed frames, carpets, and other materials. Once nighttime comes along, the critters feed on blood.

One of the positives about the insect is that they aren’t necessarily dangerous, but they can cause discomfort or leave their victims with negative reactions to their bites. Their bites tend to come in threes, leaving their victim with irritations and bumps -- not to mention anxiety and a headache concerning their own health and overall well-being. An early indicator of bed bugs is to find their feces on bedding, clothes, or within crevices.


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A Non-Toxic Way to Remove Bed Bugs

Why not choose a product that’s guaranteed to stop the bugs and eggs in their tracks? Not only does Premo Guard kills bed bugs in an environmentally-friendly manner, it is becoming a preferred way to tackle an outbreak and prevent potential future onsets from ever taking place at all.


Chosen as one of the top 10 bed bug products on Amazon, Premo Guard has been receiving rave reviews from users, including a recent 5-star review from Stephen Albers:

“So far so good. Although it does have a residual effect, just to be safe I treated every other day; especially, the area where I found the bed bugs' harborage. When I seen the small group of them (thank God i noticed the problem quickly,) with one spray the little suckers were goners. :D Not to mention there is a $ back satisfaction backing it up. Not to mention the seller stays on top of communicating with you to make sure the battle is going in you favor. I've researched treatment sprays for hours, and found this to be the least expensive option that had the exact same ingredients as those that cost top dollar. Well worth trying, just stay on top of treating and locating where they've congregated.”


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