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Protecting Your Home from Bed Bugs - The Ultimate Hitchhikers!

how to get rid of bed bugs naturally and fast

Protecting Your Home from Bed Bugs - The Ultimate Hitchhikers!

Two facts powerful facts about bed bugs:

  1. Bedbugs can quickly travel from an infestation site to a your home by hitching on to furniture, bedding, luggage, boxes, and clothing.
  2. While bed bugs typically feed on blood every five to ten days, they can be quite resilient; It has been seen that bed bugs can live from months, up to a full year without food (blood).


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8 Safeguards to Help Prevent Your Home from a Bed Bug Infestation:

  1. Use a protective cover that fully covers mattresses and box springs. This can eliminate many hiding spots. The light color of the encasement makes bed bugs easier to see. Be sure to purchase a high-quality encasement that will resist tearing and check the encasement regularly for holes or a cover that has been pre-treated with pesticide to control bed bugs.
  2. Check used secondhand furniture, beds, and couches for any signs of bed bug infestation before bringing them home.
  3. Remover clutter in your home to reduce Bed bug hiding spots.
  4. Spray Premo Guard Bed Bug, Lice and Mite Killer and Vacuum frequently to remove any successful hitchhikers.
  5. If you live in an apartment or do your laundry outside the home, be vigilant when using common laundry rooms and machines. Carry your items to wash in plastic bags.
  6. Pro Tip: When washing make sure to use 1 oz of Premo Guard’s Bed Bug, Lice and Mite Killer
  7. Iif you have an active infestation, use a new bag. Remove clothes and other items from dryer and place directly into the bag. Only fold at home
  8. If you live in an apartment or townhome, try Installing door sweeps on the bottom of doors to stop bed bug migration into hall. Seal cracks and crevices around your baseboards, light sockets, etc., to stop or slow bed bugs travel through walls.

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