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What Are Some of the Dangers Mites Can Cause & Why It’s Important to Prevent Spreading

Although mite bites may not be prone to transmit diseases in the United States, in other countries it is fairy common for them to do so. While it is still not unheard of for mites to transmit disease in the US, they can still cause rashes, allergic reactions, itching, and severe breakouts, among other things.

Causes for concern, there are various types of mites that linger within our homes and can present several dangerous risks to ourselves, our children, and our pets. As of September 2018, it was reported that blood-sucking mites were putting honeybee colonies at risk, following an invasive Varroa Mite, which wiped out entire bee populations (Wdet.org). While this was just reported in Michigan, there’s no telling where this may soon become a problem in the near future.

What are some of the other dangers that mites can present? According to The Straits Times, there are 6 things that you should know pertaining to mites and bugs that are lingering around your very home and the ways in which you can rid or even fully prevent them from spreading.

A) Dust mites, which are tiny, microscopic bugs, can be found within our homes and tend to live on the dead skin cells of humans and/or pets; B) Female mites can lay anywhere from 40 to 80 eggs which grow into an 8-legged adult following to nymphal stages; C) These mites are typically found within carpets, furniture, beds, and mattresses; D) Stay abreast on the most common symptoms of mite reactions and allergies, which include: breaking out, asthma, eczema, cough, nasal and respiratory infection, watery eyes, and even hay fever; E) Unfortunately, anybody is susceptible to mites and the allergies that can be instilled from them, and those with pre-existing conditions may be more prone to the symptoms and side effects; F) Lastly, how can these mite outbreaks be treated, or better yet, prevented?

Proven effective against not only bed bugs and lice, Premo Guard’s Bed Bug, Lice & Mite killer spray is one of the leading treatments for ridding a mite outbreak, and also for preventing one from occurring in the first place. Using Premo Guard on carpets, pillows, pillowcases, mattresses, etc. can not only help rid the existing mite conditions, but prevent future outbreaks from occurring.

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