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When to use Premo Laundry Additive to kill Hiding Bed Bug & Mites

When to use Premo Laundry Additive to kill Hiding Bed Bug & Mites

Premo Guard Laundry Additive

Our new Premo Laundry Additive has been carefully researched and developed to kill Hiding Bed Bug & Mites (with an emphasis on bird mites and dust mites).  Our Chemists have perfected a formula specifically for washing clothes, bedding and more for our customers to end their bud bug, mite, lice, flea infestation.    

How do I use Premo Laundry Additive?

Our directions are quite simple.  Add ½ cup of Premo Laundry Additive per load in your washing machine for any items that are safe to wash (excluding dry clean only items of course)

What to wash? 

Any washing machine safe articles such as sheets, pillowcases, blankets, duvets, throws, pillow.  Also clothing and towels.  If you have kids, you can also wash their stuffed animals!

And don’t forget your pet’s bedding! 

In short, if you can put it in your washing machine, you can kill the hidden bed bugs and mites, AND their eggs with Premo Laundry Additive. 

How does Premo Laundry Additive work?

Without getting too technical, when you add Premo to your wash, special enzymes kill the bugs and their eggs by eating away at their outer shells and killing them from the inside out. 

The perfect one two punch!

Use Premo Laundry Additive with Premo Guard Bed Bug & Mite Spray, the perfect combination to end your bed bug, or mite infestation and keep them from coming back!  

Why use Premo Laundry Additive?  Simple…

No chemicals, no pesticides.  Nothing that can harm you is in this odor free, stain free formula.  Just top-quality ingredients, tested by Entomologists, safe for use on kids clothes, pet bedding. 

Formulated and manufactured in the USA!

100% Effective.  Backed by our full refund guarantee!


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