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Real, Honest Premo Guard Reviews

We get real honest Premo Guard reviews in every day.  We encourage our customers to review us by sending our emails and surveys asking for reviews and feedback after each order.  

Our current website review rating is 4.6.  Most of our reviews are 5 stars. 

Occasionally we get a bad review.... BUT it turns out that most of the time, we can help the customer get the result they expected (dead bed bugs and mites) with a quick communication and some help on using our products.

Our goal at Premo Guard is to offer the best bed bug sprays and the most powerful natural mite killers on the market.  Customer feedback tells us we are doing just that... that our products kill bed bugs and mites and keep them from coming back.  


Here are the transcripts from the Premo Guard reviews in this video...

"Great for getting rid of dust mites"

I can only comment on what this was purchased for... DUST MITES.

No odor, dries quickly I feel it was a great item and it did what I expected it to do."

P. A. Verified Premo Guard Customer


"Does it work? YES"

"I've tried other sprays and this one works where others have failed.

However, does the bottle leak? Also yes. From the sprayer. It will get all over your hands when you try to use it. I suggest transferring to another bottle."

Bethany, Verified Premo Guard Customer



"I love the fragrance and it worked in my carpet. I didn’t have bed bugs, (I don’t think) but I did have small bugs in my carpet that was eating my plants!

And once I sprayed my carpet my plant were not eaten anymore!"

Kit J., Verified Premo Customer


"it works!"

"Works beautifully!!

I have many environmental allergies and mites are included. We all are burdened with these invisible creatures, especially if we have pets.

This helps relieve coughing greatly, kills them and their toxic poop.

I lightly spray monthly."

Alice, Verified Premo Guard Customer



"I bought this for mites that my dog had... had to spray dogs bedding and places the dog laid.

Worked very well."

Donna q., Verified Premo Customer




  • Mike, Premo will work for you. We get many customers who try other products first

    Premo Guard
  • I Tried kleen Green Dust Mite Killer it haven’t worked yet I had 64oz and still getting bites I hope Promo work I’m tired of still getting bit

    Mike Cabanaw

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