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Bed bugs hitchhike on Navy submarine

"Bed bugs hitchhike on Navy submarine" is a headline I never thought I would write, but it is actually true.  The story has been on the news that the navy crew had to evacuate the sub berthing areas due to a bed bug infestation.

Some sailors even slept in their cars while on base.  

After months of searching the sub for what was biting the sailors, they found a bed bug infestation.  The bed bugs likely hitchhiked onto the ship with one of the crew, and multiplied from there.  

"The formal reports to the Navy in December launched a nearly two-month search of the vessel to identify the specific cause. It took till mid-February for the Navy to finally locate the insects on board the submarine."

At Premo Guard, this makes us sad.  They (probably since they did not know better) used chemical pesticides to kill the bed bugs.  In a small enclosed space like a submarine, these chemicals probably did more harm than the bed bug infestation itselves.  

Had they known about Premo Guard, which is an enzyme based, non toxic spray, they could have safely treated the infested areas without harmful pesticides.  

We hope someone in the Navy reads this, and contacts us.  I am sure this is not the first or last time bed bugs hitchhike on a navy submarine.  



Source: The Maritime Executive

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