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Hotel Employees Share Darkest Secrets (secrets 4-7 about Bed Bugs)

A recent thread on social site Reddit spills the beans from employes at high end hotels: Hotel Employees Share Darkest Secrets. 

Of course 3 of the top 10 items are about bed bugs.  It's not surprising to Premo Guard.  We know from first hand experience that you can get bed bugs anywhere even 5 star hotels (that's why we started Premo we got bed bugs at a high end disney area hotel). 

This insider article confirms that.  Here is the excerpt from secrets 5 - 7...

"5. "Bedbugs. Every single hotel from rundown motels to five-star resorts has dealt with bedbugs."

6. "Bedbugs. They happen in every hotel. You might be paying $5K a night, but your luggage was in the hold with everyone else's. If there's only one or two bugs and none in the adjacent rooms, then you brought them in."

7. "Tip about bedbugs: NEVER put your luggage on the bed. When you arrive, keep the lights off, put your luggage in bathroom, and then at the head of the mattress peel back the sheets and mattress pad. Bedbugs tend to congregate there, but scatter when there is light. If you find bedbugs, you can request another room."

We encourage all readers of this article to bring a bottle of Premo Guard Bed Bug Spray with to hotels and spray the bed, surrounding areas and luggage when you arrive (and spray your luggage again when leaving)

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Source: Buzzfeed via Apple News

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