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All Our Premo Guard Products Are Now Veterinarian Approved Pet Safe!

We are proud to say that all our Premo Guard products are now Veterinarian approved!  

It wasn't enough that Dr. Kate DVM, a prominent Veterinarian endorsed our Pet Protector Spray as pet safe.  We went back to Dr. Kate to review ALL of our Premo Naturals products.  Watch the video below of Dr Kate. 

Premo Guard products are safe to use around your beloved pets and your children.  Yet Premo Guard sprays and laundry additive are 100% effective at killing mites (including bird mites, dust mites, scabies mites, etc.), bed bugs (even pyrethrin and pesticide immune bed bugs), lice, fleas, ticks and other biting pests. 

Here is the video of Dr. Kate.  For those who prefer to read, the transcript of what she says is below the video.  


Transcript of Dr Kate endorsing Premo Guard Pest Control Product Line...

“We all want to protect our family and pets as best as we can from pests, like mites life fleas ticks and bed bugs.

Many of the products that kill those parasites contain harmful pesticides and chemicals.

I recently found Premo Guard and their line of natural enzyme products that are effective and safe around kids and pets.

With Premo Guard's full line of non-toxic and eco-friendly sprays and laundry additives we can effectively and safely protect our home and loved ones from biting insects.

The products are so safe. You can even spray it directly on your pets.

(NOTE: You can spray Premo Pet Protector on your pet only.  All other Premo Guard products are NOT for use on skin or fur)

Premo guards products have been tested and proven to work effectively by independent entomologists to kill bed bugs mites lice fleas and ticks and other biting insects stopping them in their tracks and preventing them from ever returning.

They also have a laundry additive which is great for preventing and eliminating any harmful insects you or your pet may have brought into the home.”


  • Can this be used on chickens?

    Heather Miller
  • My dog got sarcoptic mange from a fox in our yard. I found Premo mite killer,and Premo pet protector spray online. Your products is amazing. We used it on our pets bedding, and our furniture to stop our cat and family from getting mange and scabies, which is very contagious. Thank you so much for making such a wonderful product. I have recommended it to our Veternarian.

    April Crifo

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