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Leading Veterinarian Has Endorsed Premo Guard Pet Protector Spray (video)

Premo Guard is thrilled to announce that a leading veterinarian has endorsed Premo Guard Pet Spray.  

Dr Kate Greenberg, DVM is a Vet based in NY that has reviewed Premo Guard Pet Protector Spray for safety and efficacy on a variety of pets.  Her Video endorsement can be seen below. 


Premo Guard Pet Protector Spray uses enzymes and essential oils to both kill and prevent biting pests, such as mites, lice, fleas, ticks, even bed bugs and mosquitos on your pets.  It is non toxic and safe for use on your pets

All Premo Guard Products are non-toxic, and safe around kids and pets. And are made in the USA.

Here is a transcript of what Dr Kate says about Premo Guard Pet Protector Spray:

"Hi, I'm Dr. Kate. I recently found a great product that helps get rid of mites, fleas, ticks, lice and other pesky parasites off your pets. It’s great for preventing external parasites from getting on your pets, coming into your home, and what’s even better, its non toxic to both pets and people.

Premo guard's Pet Protector Spray has been proven to be a safe alternative to pills, collars, and harsh chemicals.

When used as directed, the Non-Toxic Enzymes and Essential Oils work to kill on contact.

Simply spray directly on your pet, and other areas where parasites can live such as, bedding, carpet and other furniture to eliminate them at any life stage.

Premo Guard Pet Protector is a great solution for preventing and treating external parasites on your pets and in your home."

Learn more about Premo Guard Pet Protector Spray here



  • Linda, this spray is not a chemical. It is a non toxic, essential oil formula that is safe for spraying on pets.

    Premo Guard
  • I have a dog that has epilepsy and cannot use chemical flea treatments or oral flea treatments. They trigger a seizure. Is this product safe for him?

  • Can humans use this product if not what can we use


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