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Premo Guard Pet Protector Spray Review (a new favorite just in)

Here is a new favorite Premo Guard Pet Protector Spray review from our customer Brenda.  

"I am so glad I found this product"

"I adopted a sweet little kitten from my local shelter only to find he was infested with mites and ringworms!

Off to the vet we go, which only resulted in money down the drain and given the stinky job of bathing and dipping in a Lime-sulfur weekly nightmare for both of us. After 2 trips to the vet and 4 stinky bathroom dips, I saw very little change the eggs were hatching faster than I was able to dip my baby,

By now,, my new kitty is miserable, my 16 year old dog has them and I can't sleep fearing my house is being taken over by these creepy crawlers What a nightmare.

Then I came across this product. The very first time I used it I saw results.

I called the number on the bottle and all my questions were answered.

No more dipping was music to my ears. Now I treat my home and my pets on a regular basis and will follow up monthly just to prevent this nightmare from ever happening again.

I highly recommend this company and this product. We are all sleeping peacefully once again." 


Verified Premo Customer. Review on file.  (Note: we NEVER pay for reviews!)

About Premo Guard Pet Protector Spray

Premo Guard Pet Protector Spray ReviewPremo Pet Protector Spray has two uses.  

  1. Safely and effectively kill mites. fleas, lice, ticks, even bed bugs and other biting pests on your beloved pets.
  2. Use as a non toxic, preventative treatment to keep these biting pests off your furry family.   

Learn more about Premo Pet Protector. Click here.

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