Start Traveling Again (Without Those Nasty Bed Bugs) 


Start Traveling Again (Without Those Nasty Bed Bugs)!

You can practically taste the sweet flavor of freedom.  

Life is starting to get back to "normal" and you have what feels like more travel ideas than actual vacation days on your calendar.

Just don’t let the bed bugs bite! 😒

Bed bugs have been out there this whole time- without food and are HUNGRY. They’re voraciously waiting for their next meals, which unfortunately is human blood. And, bed bugs can live an entire year without feeding, but that doesn’t mean they’ll let their next potential meal casually pass them by.

So even though it may sound counterintuitive, the risk of having a bed bug horror story is even HIGHER for you right now. 

Don’t let you and your friends be the first thing they feed on. 🤢

Whether you stay in private Airbnbs or the most exclusive five-star resorts, bed bugs are always a risk. It’s not a question of hygiene or cleanliness. It’s just all too easy for bed bugs to pass from one traveler to another via hotel bedding, furniture, carpets, walls…. 

Start Traveling Again (Without Those Nasty Bed Bugs)!

Even the most diligent hotels can miss the subtle signs of bed bugs at times

Factor in how many people will sleep in that space before they figure it out + all of the places they may travel to next = it’s easy to see how these tiny annoyances survive and thrive.

Anyway, back to the important stuff. You’re ready to get out there again and have fun. The road is calling!

We’ll make it super easy for you to have the vacation of your dreams. 

If you’ll travel by air, take our 3 oz. bottle of Premo Guard with you. (it’s TSA-compliant). Kicking things off with a road trip instead? Our 24 oz. bottle is more your speed.

It's Simple to Use Premo Guard When Traveling.  Here's How...

  • Spray your luggage when you arrive at your destination. Do this in the bathroom to avoid picking up potential bed bugs. (best to place your luggage in the tub where bed bugs do not like to go)
  • Pull back all of the bedding to get to the mattress.
  • Check for typical bed bug signs (blood stains that look like little black dots in the nooks and crannies or actual bed bugs). 
  • Next, check out other popular hiding spots like picture frames, furniture and damaged wallpaper.
  • If there’s evidence of bed bugs, request a room change before settling in. We suggest taking pictures as proof!  
  • If everything looks clear, put your luggage on a luggage rack and make sure it isn’t touching a wall. Never put it on the bed. (Pro Tip: Check the luggage rack for bed bug signs and spray it with Premo Guard too.) 

Even if there are no signs of bed bugs...

Simply spray the bed and bedding with our all natural, non-toxic, eco-friendly bed bug spray. Like we said, it’s easy for even the most diligent people to miss subtle evidence of bed bugs. 

Wait 15-20 minutes for it to dry, then you can literally climb right into bed. 

It’s safe, you’ll sleep better knowing you won’t be fed on by bed bugs… how great is that?


Spray your luggage before you leave, and once more when you get home.  It's literally that simple.  You can even spray inside your luggage and on your clothes as you pack to leave.  

Premo Guard is odorless, stain free.  It's safe to use around kids and pets... the perfect travel companion to keep you safe from bed bugs!

Spray your Bed and 

Sleep Like 

a Baby!

 There Is Literally NO Risk! 

This is a 100% safe, natural, eco-friendly product!  

We always offer a 90-day money back guarantee. 

So get out!  Enjoy Travel Again With Premo Guard Bed Bug Spray!  

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