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Premo Guard Laundry Additive Reviews May 1 2022

Are there mites hiding in your bedding? Are bed bug eggs hiding in your sheets and blanket? Is there fleas in your pillow covers? Are there lice in your clothing and towels?

If you are dealing with a bed bug, mite, lice or flea infestation, Premo Guard Laundry Additive will kill them in your wash!

Premo Laundry Additive is simple to use. Just add 1/2 cup to your washer with each load of laundry. Premo Laundry Additive does the rest.

Need to wash in warm or cold water even though you should use hot water to kill bugs in your wash? No problem. Premo Laundry Additive can be used on cold and medium settings to kill the bugs, their eggs and larvae in your bedding, clothes, towels, stuffed animals, pillows and more.

Premo Guard Laundry is odorless and stain free. Premo Guard is non-toxic, safe around kids and pets and is 100% effective at killing bed bugs, mites, lice and fleas. Guaranteed. Just ask our customers who give Premo Laundry Additive a 5 Star Rating!



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