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Premo Guard is on TV, "Daytime With Jennifer Bonner"

This is awesome news.  Premo Guard is on TV, "Daytime With Jennifer Bonner".  

Lifestyle Expert Jennifer Bonner of TV's Daytime, a nationally syndicated morning show, aired this morning their "Gearing Up For Summer Pest Control Essentials" edition.

Jennifer provided information on how dust creates dust allergies, and gave her audience tips for getting rid of dust mites.  And of course the segment included Premo Guard's Mite Spray and Premo Laundry Additive (our Dust Mite Allergy Kit).  In fact this is what Jennifer called Premo Guard...

"if you're looking for the ultimate dust-mite removal product for potential allergy relief I’ve found the missing link for you- I highly recommend Premo Guard."

See the video below from the Daytime Segment, and you can even read the transcript from the show (under the video).  


Here is a transcript of Jennifer Bonner's Lifestyle Segment on Premo Dust Mite Solution:

"If there's one thing in your home that's never-ending - it's dust.

And if it flares up your allergies, it’s no wonder why! Dust is full of stuff like dead skin cells, hair, pet fur, dander, bacteria, and microscopic creatures called dust mites. Invisible to the naked eye, dust mites thrive on everything in dust, and believe it or not, they're a leading cause of asthma and allergies. According to the American Lung Association, 4 out of 5 homes have these tiny pests - maybe even yours!

Today I have a few tips to share to keep your allergies under control and dust mites at bay. A common tactic most people do is wash sheets - but dust mites don't just live in your bedding. They're everywhere, especially in your mattress and your box spring. They’re also in your carpet, rugs, flooring, chairs, couches, even stuffed animals. Daily vacuuming, dusting, and investing in high-quality air purifiers are good starts. You can even remove your carpets and rugs and purchase special mattress or pillow covers to seal them out.

But if you're looking for the ultimate dust-mite removal product for potential allergy relief I’ve found the missing link for you- I highly recommend Premo Guard. From a laundry additive to a mite killer spray, Premo Guard is your missing link in whole-home protection from allergy-inducing dust mites. These are NOT harmful chemicals or pesticides.

Premo Guard is a non-toxic enzyme-based formula safe enough to use around your children and pets, effectively killing 100% of dust mites, eggs, and larvae. These formulas are completely unscented, odor-free, and won't stain, so you can use them on just about anything.

The sprays are ideal for every room where there’s dust- on furniture, flooring, drapes, carpets, mattresses, box springs - even your pet's bedding. Just spray around your home weekly, and let Premo Guard take care of the rest!

For full dust mite eradication, the Premo Guard Laundry Additive is another must-have. At laundry time, a half-cup is all you need to kill 100% of dust mites hiding in your sheets, towels, clothing, and stuffed animals. It also works with your favorite laundry detergents on hot, cold, and warm cycles.

Now you have peace of mind with every wash. No matter where dust mites thrive, you can count on Premo Guard to get rid of them safely and effectively. Right now, they have a special sale on the Premo Guard Dust Allergy Kit.

Learn more about their dust mite solution at and say goodbye to dust mites for good!"

Thanks to Daytime, Jennifer Bonner and WFLA Tampa for sharing this video


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