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Major Apple Store NYC Hit With Bed Bug Outbreak

Apple Store NYC hit with Bed Bug Outbreak - Premo Natural ProductsOne of the biggest and most populated cities in the world — and one of the biggest companies in the world — are facing a bed bug outbreak. It was late April in New York City, the city that never sleeps, and in this case, neither do bed bugs, the little critters that invade our space and leave their trace — marking their territory and certainly making their presence known.


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that bed bugs struck New York City, however, this time, bed bugs struck the Big Apple in an unexpected location… one that doesn’t even have any beds. According to the New York Post, the flagship Apple Store in NYC on Fifth Avenue, was dealing with a major outbreak of bed bugs for weeks.

What began as a problem that was seemingly identified early on, started as an Apple employee spotted a bed bug inside of a manager’s office at the prominent Apple location. There has been speculation that the bed bug was likely to have come from one of the homeless visitors. Because this location is open 24 hours, they are far more susceptible to an outbreak such as this due to the amount of traffic and people passing in and out.

It was also reported that the store called for an extermination, however, nearly two weeks later, another bed bug was found, but this time on the shirt of an Apple employee. A secondary spray down by a professional extermination company was performed. What’s left to be said? What better way to ensure getting to the root of a bed bug problem? Premo Guard can handle any outbreak, no matter how big or small.

Source: AOL Finance

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