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Bed Bugs Are Resistant to Most Pesticides, Here’s the Best Solution

Bed bugs have always been a major cause for concern across the globe, but especially over the last decade, there has been an increase in outbreaks and scares.

According to a recent study, whose findings were reported by ABC News, bed bugs are now resistant to most pesticides, which is what makes them nearly impossible to kill if there’s an outbreak, stop them in their tracks -- or event better, prevent an upsurge from happening altogether.

When an outbreak occurs, there’s plenty that goes through the mind of the victim, including cost incurred on exterminators and pricey remedies. This is what makes the rise of bed bugs less surprising than you’d think -- because of their resistance to insecticides that are used to fend them off. As professionals discover newfound chemicals used to combat the feisty critters, the bed bugs are becoming prone to the chemicals, now showing signs of resistance towards these newer insecticides as well.

The results to a recent study from The Journal of Economic Entomology finds that it is not impossible to stop bed bugs or infestations from happening. Taking precautionary measures might be the key factor in stopping an outbreak from happening or preventing the spread of bed bugs. The bugs are now showing lower susceptibility to common and frequently used pesticides, both of which contain chlorfenapyr or bifenthrin.


While the study suggests a combination of chemical and natural remedies, there are ways to wipe out bed bugs without spending your life savings. Premo Bed Bug, Lice & Mite Killer, is a natural non-toxic spray, which is not only child and pet friendly, but is fast acting, odor & stain free.

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