It’s Bed Bug Awareness Week 2020 – June 7 – 13 #bedbugawareness – Premo Natural Products

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It’s Bed Bug Awareness Week 2020 – June 7 – 13 #bedbugweek

Bed Bug Awareness Week 2020 Premo Guard Bed Bug & Mite SprayToday begins Bed Bug Awareness Week 2020 We all know the scourge of having bed bug infestations.  It is horrible, traumatic and frankly we would not wish bed bugs on our worst enemy.  Our goal is to make people aware of bed bugs.  And we need your help.  Please share this via social media (use the hashtag #bedbugweek), email and however you can.  (and check out our special offer below)


  1. MYTH: You only get bed bugs from seedy places. FALSE.  The owners of our company actually got bed bugs at a high-end Disney area resort.  Bed bugs are everywhere.  And they do not discriminate.  And bed bugs are NOT attracted to dirty areas.  But…
  2. FACT: However, bed bugs ARE more prevalent in lower socioeconomic areas. A recent study sadly showed a correlation between getting bed bugs and being in poor communities.  Whether it is from bringing in used clothing and furniture, or more people living in apartments where bed bugs come through walls, this is a sad fact. 
  3. FACT: Bed bugs can live for a full year without a meal (human blood unfortunately… which means the next time you travel to a hotel after coronavirus lockdowns end, bed bugs are going to be starving and even aggressive!)
  4. MYTH: Bed bugs carry disease. This is FALSE.  According to the EPA, there have been no cases or studies of bed bugs transmitting diseases to humans.
  5. FACT: Bed bugs can be resistant to chemical pesticides. This is TRUE.  It is generally known within the pest control industry, and people who were unsuccessful in using these products, that bed bugs species are immune to common pesticides containing pyrethrin’s, pyrethroids, bifenthrin and chlorfenapyr.  This is actually good because…
  6. FACT: The above chemical pesticides are harmful to humans anyway!


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