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Hurricane Shelters and Bed Bugs – How to Protect Yourself

Hurricane Shelters and Bed Bugs – How to Protect Yourself and Your Family from Hitchhiking Bed Bugs

Hurricane Shelters and Bed Bugs – How to Protect Yourself

Hurricane Shelters and Bed Bugs are sadly synonymous with each other.  I sit here in our South Florida Offices thankful that Hurricane Dorian missed us and mindful of the fact that the storm is making its way up the coast and deeply affecting many people’s lives.  Hurricane shelters are open in Northern Florida and opening in Georgia and the Carolinas.

Shelters provide a great deal of relief for people in harm’s way of a hurricane.  Often, they are the last resort for safety.  Unfortunately, they also provide a prime opportunity for bed bugs to quickly transfer among many people congregating in one place. 

While it doesn’t really matter how bed bugs arrive at the local shelter – the key for you and your family is to ensure that they don’t find their way into home.

Hurricane Shelters and Bed Bugs: 5 tips for Bed Bug Safety

  1. Upon arrival at the shelter, ask if there have been any bed bug issues. This may sound obvious but going to a shelter is not a normal process.  People are scared and carrying their most precious possessions.  While you won’t have time in advance to but a bed bug spray such as Premo Guard, the people managing the shelter may be able to provide something for you. 
  2. If the shelter managers have a spray, we suggest spraying it around the base of the cots you will sleep on
  3. We also suggest looking at all surfaces including cots, sheets, blankets, sleeping bags and anything provided by the shelter. Inspect inside and outside.  Look for signs of bed bugs such as:
    1. Bed bugs emit a powerful and musty smell (usually combined with)…
    2. Red or brown spots on sleeping surfaces (these are usually blood or dried blood)
    3. Live bed bug activity
  4. Immediately upon returning home (assuming you have power back of course, and your home is livable) leave all items outside. Wash bedding and clothing in hot water and put in the dryer under the highest setting. 
  5. Before bringing inside, we suggest you inspect all items for signs of bed bugs.

Final Bed Bug Protection Thought from a Frustrated Floridian

I am so programmed to check the National Hurricane Center’s website multiple times a day.  As I write this there is a new tropical wave forming with a 60% chance of developing into a hurricane.

Why not be proactive this hurricane season.  If you want to prevent loved ones from getting Bed Bugs, get Premo Guard Bed Bug, Lice & Mite Killer! It's Natural, Non-Toxic, Stain & Odor Free, Industry Approved and Satisfaction is Guaranteed! Visit

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  • Thank you for writing this. We almost had to leave our home for Hurricane Dorian, but at the last minute it missed us. So lucky. Good idea about bringing your product to a shelter if I need to. Will order now


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