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Bed Bugs? Mites? What kind? Resources available to help identify the bug and the species

Bed Bugs?  Mites?  What kind?  

When you are getting bitten by something in the middle of the night and you are not sure where what it is, there is help.  

Premo Guard has found a few sources that can help you identify what kind of mites you are dealing with, of if it is bed bugs, lice, fleas etc.  

First of all there is a company named  They offer a kit (for about $28) where you can send samples to them for identification.

We also suggest reaching out to entomology departments at the universities and colleges.  A good list has been compiled by the people at that can be contacted about mites and bed bugs.  That list can be found here.  


The good news is that no matter what kind of mite, bed bug, lice, fleas, etc you are dealing with, Premo Guard kills them and keeps them from coming back.  Premo Guard is a natural mite and bed bug killer, it is non toxic, safe around kids and pets.  Premo Guard is odor free and stain free.  And it has a 100% bed bug, mite, lice and flea kill rate!  

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