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Bed Bugs like these bedroom colors most

Bed bugs have color preference according to a report published in the Journal of Medical Entomology.  It's crazy to think of, but Bed Bugs like these bedroom colors most.  Here is a direct quote from the article...

"Female bed bugs prefer harborages with shorter wavelengths (lilac—14.5% and violet—11.5%) compared to males, whereas males prefer harborages with longer wavelengths (red—37.5% and black—32%) compared with females. The preference for orange and violet harborages is stronger when bed bugs are fed as opposed to when they are starved. Lone bed bugs (30%) prefer to be in black harborages while red harborages appear to be the optimum harborage color for bed bugs in more natural mixed aggregations (35.5%)."

There is more.  Evidently nymphs (baby bed bugs) preferred different colors too and at different stages of development color choices change.  

So the moral of the story of Bed Bugs like these bedroom colors most?  Keep your bedding light colors, and avoid the above.  

the report in the Journal of Medical Entomology was published by academics at Union College in Lincoln Nebraska and University of Florida in Gainesville.  

For those who like to dig into the details, the full study can be found here.

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