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Why Pesticides Don’t Kill Bed Bugs, This Is What It Takes to Get Rid of Them for Good.


The ancestors of Bed bugs have been terrorizing animals for over 115 million years! And we theorize somewhere around 100,000 years ago they added humans to their list of prey, there is even written evidence of bed bugs as far back as 423 BCE from Ancient Greek comedy texts. These days there are about 100 species of bed bugs, all a part of the same insect family called Cimicidae, but luckily only 3 species like to feast on human blood. Most of the time they stay in hiding, but when we lay down to rest, they are lured out by our body heat and the carbon dioxide we exhale.  

It took all the way until the 1930s for us to develop pesticides capable of dealing with the little blood suckers. Unfortunately, as early as 1948 they had already started developing resistance to the substances, and that only grew in strength over time. In 1972 the main bed bug killing pesticide called dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane, better known as DDT, was banned due to its toxicity to humans. Nowadays bed bugs are resistant to most of the chemical pesticides we use to kill them like carbamates, neonicotinoids, and pyrethroids. Bed bugs have developed hardened shells and gene mutations that make them immune to different toxins.  

But we know what it takes to stop them. Formulas like Premo Guard use a mix of all natural ingredients that literally dissolve the bed bugs tough outer layer and are guaranteed to get rid of 100% of bed bugs. Unlike insecticides, bed bugs aren't able to form a resistance to formulas like ours and unlike insecticides, natural solutions are completely nontoxic and safe in your home. Many times, after someone pays a hefty fee for an exterminator, the insecticides they use won't solve the problem completely and Premo Guard Bed Bug Spray gets called in to get rid of the bugs for good. 

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