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Latest Premo Guard Bird Mite Reviews

Does Premo Guard Kill Bird Mites?  YES!  Our latest Premo Guard Bird Mite Reviews are below. 

We originally created Premo Guard to kill bed bugs in a non-toxic way that would not harm the environment.  Soon after we launched, we found that many people were using Premo to kill bird mites and keep them from coming back.  We even found that websites such as were recommending our Premo Guard.  

BTW here is a link to more reviews.  And each product page on our website has tons of 5 star reviews.  Here are two new reviews we just collected...

WANDA'S REVIEW:  "It Works!"

"There is nothing to dislike about this product. I used it because my three dogs were having terrible problems with itching. I did everything I could to get the fleas off but as it turned out it wasn't fleas. It was mites in the dog houses. One of my dogs had killed a little bird and saved it without eating it in her doghouse. She had mites and the other two had mites. I could find nothing safe for all of us that would work. This works I spray it in their dog house is outside and in their dog beds inside an even at the foot of my bed because my big girl sleeps with me. Thank you so much for this amazing product."

MEGAN'S REVIEW:  "Mixed Reviews?"

"I have used Premo for a couple of weeks now and only on my mattress. The first day I sprayed it, I was nervous since I'm allergic to what seems like anything these days but my skin was fine. I woke the next morning thinking Oh my goodness, I actually slept! Why didn't I buy this sooner. I've been spraying Kleen green on the floors and other places but won't spray that in my bed since it somehow gives off a dusty smell that makes me cough.

The only downfall is I feel like I wasted half the bottle because it says to mist and the only way to mist is if I kept pumping the spray but wasted a lot each time.

Then one night I was rushing spraying the bed and some got on the carpet. I was bit by these invisible bugs biting me and later realized, the premo works better than any other one because it's a fast killer. I don't know about other reviewers saying It doesn't work the second time or other reasons but this product/ company should still have 5 full stars even if I wasted half a bottle due to my sprayer. Bought the 128oz too and yet I've spent 100's of dollars on other stuff thinking it was the best.

PREMO IS THE BEST! Take it from someone who has been dealing with this for 4 months. Make sure you take care of you skin too and car otherwise you'll just restart the infestation. Highly recommend"

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  • What I am fighting here are mites that originated from having chicks out on the screened-in porch. I never see an insect, only the results of an invisible plague. I ordered the Premo laundry additive and a smaller spray bottle of Premo. I’m thinking that perhaps I should go ahead and order the 128 oz bottle, so I dont waste time in a trial.

    I had trouble getting around on your website last night. Can you help me here to place an additional order, or tell me what to do?

    I do NOT want my message posted online. Thank you.

    Kathleen Holland

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