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Doctor Reveals Must Know Tip For Bed Bug Safety in Hotels

“How many of you completely unpack your clothes from your suitcase into a hotel dresser?”

Dr. Jason Singh asked in a recent post on TikTok. Something as simple as unpacking your clothes into a hotel dresser can come with some big risks. Dressers made of wood or those with crevices and joints can be very susceptible to Bed Bug infestations. That's right, its not just beds that can pose a risk for infestations, and because these dressers are rarely cleaned, they can easily become infested with Bed Bugs.

What can you do instead?

An easy solution Dr. Singh recommends is using a hotel closet or any hanging spaces. Alternatively you could pull your clothes straight out of the suitcase. For an extra layer of protection we would recommend Premo Laundry Additive, its easy to use and 100% effective at eliminating Bed Bugs and their eggs from clothing, bedding, blankets or anything you might travel with. 

Simply wash your clothes in Premo Laundry Additive when you return from a trip.  Transfer your clothes directly from your suitcase to the washer.  Add half a cup of Premo Guard Laundry Additive to your wash (works with warm and cold water too) and it will kill any hitchhiking bedbugs you may have brought home inadvertently.  

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