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50 worst bed bug cities 2022 - Premo Guard Bed Bugs Spray

This just in.  The 50 worst bed bug cities 2022 list is out.  Please consult the list below before you travel and take precautions to keep from bringing bed bugs home.  

Every year Orkin complies their 50 worst bed bug cities list, and we at Premo Guard are compelled to publish it.  

Below you will see the list, but first please make sure you use Premo Guard Bed Bug Spray when you travel.  We offer a convenient travel sized 3 ounce bottle (the perfect size to take on a plane with you).  For car trips you can take the 24 ounce bed bug spray with you.  

When you arrive at your destination do the following:

  1. Leave your luggage in the bathroom (preferably the tub/shower) to keep them safe from bed bugs
  2. Thoroughly inspect your room for signs of bed bugs... reddish brown stains, bug carcasses, live bed bugs.
  3. Don't just check the bed, remove the sheets and look into the mattress seams, under the bed, behind the bedboards, on the luggage rack, in the drawers, etc. 
  4. If you see any signs, take pictures then leave the room immediately.
  5. Before you leave your room, spray your luggage on the outside with Premo Guard Bed Bug Spray.
  6. If you do not see signs of bed bugs, follow the directions on your Premo Bed Bug Spray, and sleep comfortably. 
  7. Pro tip.  Bring a large lawn trash back, or two and bag up your clothes when worn.  And spray the outside of your luggage with Premo Guard Bed Bug and Mite Spray before you leave, just to be safe that you are not bringing any hitchhiking bed bugs home with you.  
  8. Pro tip 2. When you arrive home from traveling, wash your clothes in Premo Guard Laundry Additive to insure you didn't bring home any bed bug eggs or larvae.


  1. Chicago

  2. Philadelphia (+12)

  3. New York (+9)

  4. Detroit

  5. Baltimore (-3)

  6. Indianapolis (+1)

  7. Washington, DC (-4)

  8. Cleveland, OH (-2)

  9. Columbus, OH (-4)

  10. Cincinnati (-2)

  11. Grand Rapids, MI (-1)

  12. Los Angeles (-3)

  13. Champaign, IL (+2)

  14. Atlanta (-1)

  15. Charlotte, N.C. (-4)

  16. Dallas-Ft. Worth

  17. Denver (+3)

  18. Louis, MO (+7)

  19. San Francisco (+3)

  20. Pittsburg (-1)

  21. Greenville, S.C. (+2)

  22. Charleston, W.V. (-4)

  23. Flint, MI (-2)

  24. Raleigh, N.C. (-7)

  25. Norfolk, VA (-1)

  26. Richmond, VA

  27. Omaha (+3)

  28. Buffalo, N.Y. (+1)

  29. Knoxville (+7)

  30. Cedar Rapids, IA (+5)

  31. Toledo, OH (-4)

  32. Dayton, OH (-4)

  33. South Bend, IN (+8)

  34. Nashville (-3)

  35. Davenport, IA (+3)

  36. Wayne, IN (-3)

  37. Youngstown (+3)

  38. Milwaukee (-6)

  39. Miami (+8)

  40. Tampa (-1)

  41. Houston (-4)

  42. Harrisburg (new to list)

  43. Greensboro, N.C. (-9)

  44. Seattle

  45. Peoria, IL (+4)

  46. Orlando (-1)

  47. Lexington, KY (-4)

  48. Lansing, MI

  49. Louisville, KY (-3)

  50. Lincoln, NE (new to list)

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Souce: List created by Orkin Pest control.  Link to their article can be found here.

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