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5 more places bed bugs hide (find these places to fully end bed bugs forever)

Here are 5 more places bed bugs may hide from you.  It is super important to be thorough when spraying for bed bugs.  If you do not find these bed bug hiding places they may keep reproducing and you will see them coming back days, or even months after you treat your home.

Some places bed bugs hide are obvious, but some not so much.  We have written about bed bug hiding places before, so you will want to also read this article


  1. Your favorite chair, sofas, couches and chairs. We cannot tell you how many times our customers have told us that bed bugs (and mites) are in these pieces of furniture.  Make sure you search and spray inside, behind and underneath as well. 
  2. Under your carpet. Another overlooked bed bug and mite hiding spot. If you have rugs it is easy to check and treat under the rug, but if you cannot get rid of your bed bugs and mites, you have to check under your carpet. They could be under your carpet, or under the carpet padding. 
  3. Toys, plush animals, and your kids stuff: This is especially true for stuffed animals your kids have. Beloved members of the family, or bed bug harboring source.  If bed bugs and mites are in your children’s room, check everywhere and everything, especially kids toys.
  4. Phone cases, handbags, backpacks. You wouldn’t think that your phone case could be a hiding place for mites or bed bugs, but we can tell you with a great deal of accuracy that it is true.  Bed bugs like tight, small places to hide.  And they love to hitchhike in those places.  Check your purse, backpack etc., anything that was on your person when you picked up bed bugs is fair game for them to hide in and multiply.
  5. Your Car! Think about it.  How did the bed bugs get into your home?  Good chance you brought them in on your clothes, luggage or handbags and backpacks.  That means they may have jumped off in your car!  It’s a must to check your car for them. You can spray your house everywhere, but if they are in your car, you will keep bringing them inside every time you drive. 

Obviously, this article is not meant to be the ultimate guide to bed bug hiding spots.  It is very important the check everywhere you can and treat all possible things and surfaces.  Bed bugs and mites hide well.  And they do not like to be found until they come out to bite you. 

That is why it is super important to search and find all sources you can for bed bugs to hide. 


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