How to use Premo Guard Natural Bug Killer Spray:

1. Always shake well before using.
2. Spray in areas where you’ve had bed bug sightings.
3. Spray in areas they’re most likely to hide or lay eggs like carpets, beddings, furniture, baseboards and any pile of clutter in the house.
4. Do not oversaturate an area.  A light mist works best.

Steps for Using Premo Bed Bug Spray

Step 1: Preparation - Transfer linens, mattress covers, and clothing in a poly bag to a tumble dryer. If care labels allow, dry on the highest setting (140 F) for 30 minutes to kill existing bed bugs.

Step 2: Treat Bedding - Disassemble bed, and thoroughly vacuum all six sides of box springs, mattress and bed components. Vacuum furniture, carpets and floors. Spray all sides of the bed frame and headboard, all edges and seams of the mattress and box spring, any edge, corner joint, creases, nooks and crannies.

Enclose mattress and box springs in encasements to prevent bed bug entry and exit. Do not remove encasements.

Step 3: Treat Surrounding Areas -Thoroughly spray the surrounding area including nightstands, chairs and sofas, curtains, baseboards, crown moldings, carpet edges, all cracks and crevices. 

Step 4: Treat Multiple Times. Bed Bugs, Mites and Lice are adept at hiding.  Often times, missing one bed bug or egg can end in a recurrence (they multiply quickly).  To avoid a recurrence, we suggest that you repeat steps 2 and 3 multiple times.  If you need additional bottles of Premo Guard Bed Bug, Mite and Lice Killer, click here (128 oz bottle) and click here (24 oz bottle).

Prevent Bed Bugs from finding their way into your home:

  • Avoid buying secondhand mattresses or couches. Think twice whether saving a few dollars is worth the risk bringing bed bugs into your home.
  • Keep your house clean and clutter free because bed bugs love dust and clutter.
  • Seal any cracks on the wall, sockets, baseboards or anywhere bed bugs can hide.
  • If you must use the laundromat, make sure the facilities are clean. Although bed bugs will not survive an entire wash cycle, they might hitch a ride on items you’re not washing – like your bag, shoes or clothes your wearing.
  • Prior to travel, spray luggage and allow to dry completely. Pack clothing and personal effects in sealable plastic bags
  • After checking into a hotel, pull back the sheets back and check the along the seams of the mattress for bed bug feces
  • After returning home, unpack luggage outside, or in a garage, laundry room or utility room. Leave luggage in garage, laundry or utility room
End Bedbugs Now.  Premo Guard Bed Bug Killer Spray Non-Toxic Safe around Kids and Pets  100% money back guarantee

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