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Does Premo Guard Kill Mites? Premo Guard bird and dust mite reviews...

We ask our customers for reviews all the time.  When we ask does Premo Guard kill mites, the answer is absolutely yes.  And our verified customer reviews back that up.  Here are some recent Premo Guard bird mite and dust mite reviews...

"Bird Mites in the bathroom"

"It did a great job! My bathroom was overtaken by bird mites when we rescued a wild starling. It sat in a carrier on the counter overnight before we could take it to the wildlife center in the morning. I was shocked by how many stuck around afterwards. I used it last night and haven't seen one. I will do another spray tonight to be sure, but for me it has worked wonders!

Steph. B. Verified Premo Guard Customer

"Need More of This"

"No heavy, bad Odors. Works great and cuts down on all mites, especially dust mites."

Glenda, Verified Premo Guard Customer

"Kills Springtails"

"Springtails showed up in my bathrooms (these bugs don’t do any damage but are highly annoying). They jump like fleas but they aren’t fleas. I sprayed this product in some live bugs and they died instantly. I wish I bought the larger bottle."

Megan, Verified Premo Guard Customer

"Truly Safe, effective and Odor Free"

I love this stuff. The only brand I know of that is effective, safe and odor free. And believe me I did tons of online searching where they tell you it's SO safe, so you order just to have the actual product direction say the complete opposite - which makes me want to scream bc it's a darn emergency situation! I don't even know what I have, what it is.. I can't see them.. I just know they bite my body, they're in my clothes, pillows and crawl around in my hair. Pretty gross. I'm assuming mites. Whatever it is, this stuff is so far effective. I live in FL in a cabin sea side and I don't have my own wshr/dryr so just casually tossing EVERYTHING in the laundry is not a realistic option for me. I threw my pillows and baseboard out (just ordered new ones here) and did wash all my bedding (took me forever) but my clothes will have to wait, so I spray this on my clothes inside out before I put them on and I'm good to go for the day! Use it on the carpet, furniture, mattress, shoes, inside/outside bags, hardwood floor, puppy cage and bed, I even spray it in my hair! I'm OCD clean and this.. whatever it is... is especially hard for me. I'm pretty sure I bought it home from an interview recently, not knowing she was a hoarder! (I'm a private home nurse) I did have a proff. come out and look around he said I didn't have anything he can see (like bed bugs, etc)

Anyway, long story short- and thanks for reading this far, lol- this stuff is saving my home, my hide and most especially my sanity! Just ordered my second bottle (hopefully will not need a third) They ship fast too!"

Anna, Verified Premo Guard Customer

"Great for getting rid of dust mites"

"I can only comment on what this was purchased for. DUST MITES. No odor, dries quickly I feel it was a great item and it did what I expected it to do."

P., Verified Premo Guard Customer

"No more biting mites"

"Used this along with their laundry bug killer, no more bites from mites! The people saying this doesn’t work aren't cleaning everyday and only relying on this spray. You have to stay on top of vacuuming and cleaning to prevent them from coming back. We now sleep like a baby!

If sprayed a lot it does leave a faint scent behind, but other than that, works great!"

"Smoothlie", Verified Premo Guard Customer


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