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A great Premo Poultry Spray review by Katies Hens and Honey Bees

We seem to get a great Premo Poultry Spray review every few days.  The backyard chicken "influencers" are loving our Premo Guard Poultry Spray and other products.  

Here Katie W. from Katies Hens and Honey Bees shares her Tik Tok and Instagram video spraying her coop and her chickens to protect them from bird mites.  Since she is spraying her chicken's legs, it could be scaly leg mites she is treating.   

@katieshensandhoneybees One of my chicken chore must-haves is @premoguard Premo Poultry Spray! It is a vet recommended mite & pest treatment & you can eat your eggs throughout! It's natural, nontoxic & made in the USA! It's a win! Link in Bio for more info! #premoguard #poultry #parasites #chickenlice #mites #pestcontrol #natural #nontoxic #backyardchickens #fresheggs #chickencoop #chickenchores #chickenrun #chickentunnel #essentialoils @Premochicken ♬ original sound - Katie Williams

Premo Poultry Spray is non-toxic, and when sprayed directly on hens, there is no egg withdrawal period.  In other words the product contains no harmful chemicals or pesticides.  It works by a combination of natural enzymes and essential oils. 

Please note: this video is NOT a paid endorsement.  We sent Katie a bottle of our poultry spray, she tried it on her girls, and recorded this video.  Thanks Katie! 

If you would like us to consider you to review our product, send us an email to info@premoguard.com with the subject line "Review premo guard" and let us know the size of your social media following.   

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